Stellar Updates with Jed McCaleb

Stellar Updates with Jed McCaleb

Stellar Updates with Jed McCaleb

It’s time for some Stellar updates with Jed McCaleb. Many moons ago, when the Bad Crypto Podcast was still a toddler, one of our very first guests was Jed McCaleb from Stellar. He showered citizens of Bad Cryptopia with free Stellar Lumens. There was much rejoicing.

More than two years later we are pleased to welcome Jed back to the show to get the latest updates from one of the top and fastest cryptocurrencies in the Universe.

It’s going to be a stellar show. This is episode #392 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Feature: Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is co-founder and Chief Architect of the Stellar Development Foundation, an open
network that connects the world’s financial infrastructure. In 2014, Jed created Stellar, an
open-source blockchain network built to democratize economic participation by making money
more fluid, markets more open, and people more empowered.

An early pioneer in decentralized systems and blockchain technology, he created
eDonkey2000 which became one of the largest file-sharing networks in its time. He later
created Mt. Gox, the first bitcoin exchange, which was subsequently sold and re-coded by its
current owners. He is also a co-founder of Ripple.

Jed’s devoted his career to developing and leveraging technology that promotes inclusion and

Originally on episode #10 and we mentioned Jed & Stellar in episode 226

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Jesse Lund – Head of IBM Blockchain

Jesse Lund – Head of IBM Blockchain

Jesse Lund, head of IBM Blockchain, discusses how IBM is applying blockchain technology to a number of industries to solve various, real-world problems. Jesse also breaks the news of IBM Blockchain World Wire going live into production on the Stellar network, explaining how this will optimize and accelerate foreign exchange and cross border payment services.

FEATURE: Jesse Lund

Jesse Lund leads Blockchain and Distributed Ledger market development for IBM. Within his role, Jesse is responsible for identifying, prioritizing, and accelerating the commercialization of industry solutions to transform the landscape of global commerce. Jesse and his team work closely with IBM clients, regulators, and central banks around the world to improve end user experience, optimize operational efficiency and identify new market opportunities. Jesse’s team also leads global partnerships, represents IBM in industry consortiums, engages clients in solution design and development, and informs IBM’s strategic investment priorities within the Blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. Jesse is a financial services veteran with two decades of industry experience. He joined IBM from Wells Fargo, where he enjoyed an 18-year executive tenure leading a wide range of responsibilities within Community Banking, Consumer Products, Commercial Banking, Payments, Wealth Management, Risk Management, Information Technology, and Research & Development. In his prior role as Head of Wells Fargo’s Innovation Lab, Jesse and his team led Wells Fargo’s cloud computing and DLT programs for the enterprise. Jesse holds a B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A. in Marketing from Pepperdine University, and an M.Div. in Theology & Ethics from Fuller Theological Seminary. He is based in Southern California; of which he is a native.

FEDCOIN is Coming – Bad News for October 4, 2018

FEDCOIN is Coming – Bad News for October 4, 2018

Amazing. Smart. Astounding. Incredible. Beautiful. Wonderful. Stupendous. Brilliant. Courageous. Magical. Awesome. Brave. Kind. Powerful. Loving. Handsome.

Who are we talking about? Here’s a hint. It’s not Jamie Dimon.

Nope, those adjectives describe you.

Why? Because who doesn’t need to be told how amazing they are?

Hope that made you smile. And we hope you enjoy our weekly news roundup from the crypto world. It’s going to be amazing as well.

Now that you feel really good about yourself, listen in and enjoy our Bad News episode #189 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Joel & Travis Interview IBM’s Blockchain Goddess

Joel & Travis Interview IBM’s Blockchain Goddess


Bad Crypto Podcast Episode 122

This was a fun episode of the Bad Crypto Podcast. Travis and Joel were just back from the Collision Conference in New Orleans. While they were there, they happened across the IBM booth, and a sign that said, “Ask Us About IBM Blockchain.” So of course they did. As a result, they met Arshiya Lal from IBM’s blockchain team. Arshiya is an Offering Manager (title given by IBM) and Blockchain Goddess (title given by Joel), and she agreed to be on the podcast. So now we can ALL find out about IBM’s blockchain!


Blockchain and Supply Chain

Arshiya talks about how the blockchain is used with supply chain management. Particularly for a big retailer like Walmart or Kroger, products travel a long way, over many stages, to get to the shelf. So if, for example, a bag of bad spinach shows up, it’s important to be able to know exactly where it came from and why it’s bad, so you can be sure not to get any more. Fortunately, both Walmart AND Kroger are part of IBM’s blockchain, which makes it easy to trace the path of the spinach from beginning to end and find out what went wrong and optimize the supply chain going forward.

Later in the podcast, Arshiya elaborated on that a bit. Typically in a supply chain, every link in the chain keeps their own ledger for inventory, quality control, etc. While different links may share their ledgers with the rest of the chain, when you’re working with that many different versions of what’s going on, the likelihood that some information will get lost or corrupted is fairly high. The blockchain, however, allows everyone in the chain to work from a single ledger. That way, you can be sure that all the information is the same.


Bad News: Crypto Markets Tanking – Really Bad News (June 14, 2018)

Bad News: Crypto Markets Tanking – Really Bad News (June 14, 2018)

Crypto prices continue to slide, litecoin cash suffers a 51% attack, and Coinbase may be adding a new coin to the exchange. More info about tether indicates there may be shenanigans afoot. And Dennis Rodman goes to North Korea. So how is he involved with Potcoin? Korean banks are going to be using blockchain to verify customer IDs. And Slovenia is testing out a crypto shopping mall.

Preaching the good news of crypto wherever we go, we’re just a couple freakin’ rays of sunshine. It’s the Bad News episode #140 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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