Blockchain Rising Stars of ETH Denver

Blockchain Rising Stars of ETH Denver

The only thing we enjoy more than doing this podcast for you is when we get to do our show live and share it with you. There’s nothing like the spontaneity and unpredictability of a live show before an audience.

While at ETHDenver in my hometown last month, we were invited to take the stage and host a panel packed with blockchain rising stars. Each of the individuals who joined us are pioneering a place in the blockchain ecosystem, and our conversations were worth eavesdropping on.

So come hang out with us and our guests on stage at ETH Denver for episode #377 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Austin Griffith

Austin Griffith was a “Rising Star” at ETHDenver 2018 and will be your “guest co-host” for the set. He’ll be adding color, asking questions, cracking jokes and having fun along with Joel and Travis.


Patricio Worthalter- POAP

Kickstarter at the Proof of Attendance Protocol


Billy Luedtke

Billy first got involved in the blockchain space in late 2012 as a small-time GPU miner, and immediately latched onto Ethereum in March of 2014 upon first hearing about it. He has been obsessed ever since, helping found the blockchain consulting practice at E&Y and later joining ConsenSys. At ConsenSys, Billy has served as the Enterprise Lead for uPort, a Solution Architect in ConsenSys Solutions, co-chair of the EEA’s Digital Identity Working Group, and founder of RAPID – a small R&D group focused on the development of quick and dirty prototypes to help prove concepts. More recently, Billy became one of the founding members of the ConsenSys Dev Rel team whose goal is to help grow the Ethereum ecosystem to One Million Developers and beyond.


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Live from North American Bitcoin Conference 2020

Live from North American Bitcoin Conference 2020

On the road again, and this time our travels found us in Miami for the big North American Bitcoin Conference 2020. We had the opportunity to take the main stage and host a panel featuring 4 luminaries and legends from the crypto world.

On the panel we were pleased to welcome Crypto OG, Marshall Long, Bitcoin Pioneer, Charlie Shrem, event host, Moe Levin, and COO, Mate Tokay. It was an informative and entertaining time which we think you’ll love.

So get in a Tubbs and Crockett state of mind because this is our Bad Miami Vice LIVE episode #361 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Today's episode is sponsored by: HELIOS

An infinitely scalable DApp and decentralized web-hosting platform based on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the ground up to be future-proof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions, and to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications. One platform capable of hosting you DApp and website user interface at the click of a button enabling end-to-end decentralized applications to power the next generation of the web.

THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: Upland Upland is a location-based property trading game paired with a decentralized economy. Players buy, sell, trade and develop virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses. Blockchain technology ensures true ownership for the players. Uplanders collect in-game currency called UPX as a reward for their ownership and for completing missions in the game (collections, treasure hunts,...). UPX can be used to purchase more properties, to develop land and to pay for digital goods and services other Uplanders will create and provide. The objective is to establish an open economy where various stakeholders interact/transact with each other directly, i.e. without intermediaries. Check them out:


Moe Levin 

Moe Levin – Dr. Moe Levin is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Keynote, an investor in high-tech startups, and an advisor to governments, regulators, banks, and venture-backed companies.

Some of the projects he has been involved with include launching Ethereum in 2014, running a global events company dedicated to blockchain technology, The Global Blockchain Council in Dubai (2015 – present) , the harmonized VAT treatment of Bitcoin (2013), The OECD Working Party 9 (2013-2014).

Moe is also the Co-Founder of the first accredited Blockchain Academy, an early investor in RSK Labs, Labfresh, Dropbox, and others. Prior to founding Keynote, Moe was responsible for launching a venture-backed startup in Europe which raised $30m from Richard Branson, Index Ventures and others.


Marshall Long

CTO of FinalHash and Co-founder of Marshall Long is an expert in the P2P economy and one of the earliest participants in blockchain. Marshall is considered to be one of the first bitcoin miners to systematize mining. He also recently broke into the eSports industry as the CEO of Mockit eSports.


Charlie Shrem

Charles Shrem IV (born November 25, 1989) is an American entrepreneur, and bitcoin advocate. In 2011 he co-founded the now-defunct startup company BitInstant, and is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, formerly serving as vice chairman. In December 2014 he was sentenced to two years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business related to the Silk Road marketplace. He was released from prison around June 2016. In 2017, he joined Jaxx as its director of business and community development. Later that year, he founded cryptocurrency advisory CryptoIQ.


Mate Tokay


Mate focuses on a larger vision and communicating that vision to others while staying on top of trends in the industry. His goal and passion is to make the blockchain and cryptocurrencies as popular as possible.

World Crypto Con 2019 Live

World Crypto Con 2019 Live

What do you get when you cross 2000 crypto geeks with Las Vegas? We don’t have a good punchline, but I guarantee it looks a little something like us to coming to you live from World Crypto Con 2019!

Today we welcome William Quigley of WAX to the show. We’ll discuss the future of digital assets and utility tokens.

Then we’ve got a panel of luminaries to discuss the hot topics of the day. Luminaries include Blake Rizzo and Maxine Ryan. We’ve also got a non-luminary, but a staple at crypto events, Kenn Bosak.

You’ll learn about the BADdest crypto on the face of the earth and there won’t even be a mention of Craig Wright. Whoops, too late. Well regardless, we’re live, you’re live and the show is being recorded so living people can listen to the the show later. If they’re alive. It’s the World Crypto Con 2019 LIVE episode #330 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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This Episode is Sponsored by: DIVI

Divi is a cryptocurrency app that makes it easy to earn, transact, and store cryptocurrency. Divi is the first cryptocurrency ecosystem powered by masternodes that can be installed in one click. With Divi's MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer), users can begin earning cryptocurrency at the click of a button, without the arduous setup process. The network's Smart Wallet enables users to easily store and transact their earned cryptocurrency with the luxury of a simple, intuitive interface. Divi was created by The Divi Project: a team committed to reducing the friction tax of cryptocurrency through UX and UI.

World Crypto Con 2019 Live

William Quigley – WAX
WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items – to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Hundreds of millions of people around the globe already trade digital and physical items. But the problems that plague the digital goods and trading community have stunted its growth far beneath its full potential.

WAX is creating a full suite of blockchain-based tools that allows anyone to trade digital or even physical items instantly and securely, to anyone, anywhere.

Participants of the Worldwide Asset eXchange gain access to a global community of collectors and traders, buyers and sellers, creators and gamers, merchants, dApp creators, and game developers.

Buy and sell gift cards with confidence on a marketplace powered by WAX. Or build an online store with ease using our B2B tools. Create a digital version of the sneakers in your closet and then sell them to a buyer who lives half a world away.

We’re building the tools to create the future of digital goods and trading, and putting them in your hands.

Blake Rizzo 

Blake Rizzo counsels his clients and offers practical solutions in the ever-changing world of blockchain technology, digital currencies, STOs and the tokenization of assets. He helps his clients navigate the process of creating, marketing and launching STOs and asset-based tokens, and providing post-launch legal support. Blake advises his clients on the demanding and quick-changing regulatory processes and laws that currently exist, to ensure that STOs comply with all US and federal laws governing digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

To assist with STOs and the tokenization of assets, Blake has formed an incredible team of CPAs and marketing/PR specialists to make certain that his clients receive the best representation possible throughout the tokenization process.

Blake has over 21 years of extensive legal experience in commercial law and is able to help his clients structure and finalize complicated business transactions in the FinTech space. Prior to starting his own firm, Blake was a partner in the bankruptcy and commercial litigation section of McCloskey Roberson. There, his practice focused on complex commercial litigation issues that arise in business and bankruptcy cases. He uses his bankruptcy litigation experience to assist companies, chapter 7 trustees, individuals, creditors and debtors in complex problems that arise in personal and business bankruptcy cases. In the commercial context, Mr. Rizzo has significant litigation experience in breach of fiduciary duty, trade secret misappropriation and construction defect lawsuits, among others.

Blake Rizzo is also a legal advisor to the LTC Foundation, General Counsel of the Houston Blockchain Alliance and the Co-Founder and Charity Affairs Advisor for the Tour De Crypto.


Maxine Ryan

Maxine Ryan is COO and Co-Founder of Bitspark. The Forbes 30 Under 30 (2018) Honoree founded Bitspark in 2014 and pioneered the world’s first cash in, cash out bitcoin transfer.

Since then, she has grown the company to over seven markets across Asia and Africa, bringing cash to crypto as a service to individuals and businesses with Bitspark’s half a million cash point locations. Bitspark was also the first in the world to launch a stablecoin for Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Maxine specialises in cryptocurrency innovation and contributes frequently on Bloomberg, CNBC, Forbes and SCMP. She also is an international speaker on stablecoins and cryptocurrency application in emerging and frontier markets.

Bitspark is a bank free fiat on and off ramp for cash to crypto. It was founded in 2014 when it was the first to send a cash in, cash out bitcoin transaction from Hong Kong to Philippines. Bitspark has built the end to end infrastructure to help people and businesses convert their cash to crypto at over half a million cash out locations in Asia. 

Ken BosakBitcoin lifestyle public figure


Bad News for May 29, 2019 – LIVE on

Bad News for May 29, 2019 – LIVE on

You don’t get the title futurist by doing what everyone else is doing. You get it by trying new things and playing with the new toys before all the other kids. So in the spirit of trying something new, today’s episode was recorded live on a very cool podcast app called

Their new Livecast feature allowed us to cover the news for the week with a live studio audience. And it was super fun to read people’s comments and receive call-ins for this show.

We talked about Bitcoin hitting new highs for 2019, Binance’s resistance to Facebook’s new GlobalCoin, the IRS will be issuing updated crypto tax guidance for the first time in 5 years, and Mr. Travis Wright unboxed a Kansas City Royals crypto collectible from Major League Baseball’s new online blockchain game.

Although this is a recording of a live show, you’ll have to believe us when we say it was indeed live. Welcome to a special Bad News LIVE edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Bitcoin Hits New 2019 High Above $8,900 – CoinDesk

Facebook to Roll Out ‘GlobalCoin’ Cryptocurrency in 2020: Report

Binance CFO Rips Facebook’s ‘Closed Blockchain Ecosystem’ Under Megalomaniac Zuck

AT&T Becomes 1st Major Mobile Network to Accept Crypto Payments

Montana Passes Bill to Exempt Utility Tokens From Securities Laws

IRS Says It Will ‘Soon’ Issue Crypto Tax Guidance in First Since 2014

Russian Central Bank to Consider Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Microsoft’s Blockchain Obsession, Including ID Push, Is Good for Bitcoin

Bitcoin Officially Mainstream As Microsoft Adds Excel Currency Option

‘Pay Me In Bitcoin’ – More NFL Players Join The Revolution

Score! Major League Baseball Launches Crypto Collectibles Game

‘Sell the House, Car and Kids. Buy Litecoin!’ CNBC Host Goes Crypto Crazy


Live from Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Live from Paris Blockchain Week Summit

There’s nothing like surrounding yourself with people smarter than yourself. And that’s exactly what we are experiencing now as we are onstage at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit!

Attended by over 1500 people at the incomparable Station F, the team has done a great job of putting together a first-rate event packed with knowledge.

Today we’re pleased to show you the future of trading crypto futures, as we welcome Adam Todd of Digitex Futures to the show.

We’ve also got Alex Mashinsky, CEO of, on board. He’s passionate about making sure blockchain is a win for the people and is not taken over solely by government institutions.

We’re just two Americans in Paris, spreading the good news of blockchain in a very bad way. I may even try out some of bad French. It’s because we’re excited to be in the land that gave us Jacques Cousteau, croissants and oh ho ho! It’s episode #262 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Digitex Futures, a non-custodial commission-free futures trading exchange, has begun on-boarding traders to the Beta version of its platform.

The revolutionary trading platform which will eliminate all transactions fees, as well as withdrawal & deposit fees. A total game-changer in the futures market as no other platform allows traders to trade with zero-fees.

After completion of the Beta version, Digitex Futures will roll out to the public in quarter two of this year, with ambitious plans for the rest of 2019.

These include the full incorporation of plasma technology into the exchange to offer decentralized account balances, the offering of additional futures markets, spot trading, and a mobile app. Buy, Sell & Trade Digitex now!

Learn more here: Digitex Futures


Feature: Adam Todd, Founder & CEO of Digitex Futures

Ex pit-trader on the London International Financial Futures & Options Exchange (LIFFE). Founder of BetTrader, a popular ladder trading interface that’s been online for 14 years that connects to the world’s biggest betting exchange, Adam was one of Betfair’s most successful sports traders ever, once going 8 months of full-time daily trading without a losing day.

Today, Adam is in the process of launching the Digitex Futures — a category-breaking zero-fee crypto exchange. Traders can benefit from the revolutionary platform which will eliminate all transaction, withdrawal, and deposit fees.

What’s more, after the initial launch, the company will be adding a vast array of additional markets including crypto and traditional. Crypto traders will gain exposure to stocks, commodities, gold, indices, and Forex, while traditional traders can trade their favorite markets without cost for the first time.

Perhaps the real trick up this company’s sleeve, however, is the fact that it’s working on being a hybrid exchange. By quarter three of this year, Digitex will be rolling out decentralized accounts for its users through the integration of the Plasma protocol (the first exchange to do so).

On top of eradicating commission fees, traders will enjoy the complete security that comes with a DEX and will never have to trust the exchange with their funds.

Also, be on the lookout for spot trading and a mobile app, as well as plenty of other developments to come from this ambitious team.

The futures trader’s Utopian dream of a commission-free exchange is now a reality.

Learn more about Digitex Futures. 

Feature: Alex Mashinsky from Celsius Network

Alex is the founder and CEO of Celsius Network, a blockchain-based borrowing and lending platform. He is also widely known as one of the inventors of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with a foundational patent dating back to 1994 and is now working on MOIP (Money Over Internet Protocol) technology. Over 35 patents have been issued to Alex, relating to exchanges, VOIP protocols, messaging and communication.

Alex is a serial entrepreneur and founder of seven New York City-based startups, raising more than $1 billion and exiting over $3 billion. Alex founded two of New York City’s top 10 venture-backed exits since 2000: Arbinet, with a 2004 IPO that had a market capitalization of over $750 million; and Transit Wireless, valued at $1.2 billion.

Learn More About Celsius Network