The Crypto Factor with Paul Democritou

The Crypto Factor with Paul Democritou

Andreas Antonopoulos. John McAfee. Roger Ver. What do they all have in common?

Well, yes, they have all been guests on this show. But what ELSE do they have in common?

Along with a number of other blockchain luminaries, they are in a new book by Paul Democritou. It’s called The Crypto Factor, and it provides a peek behind the blockchain to discover what it will take to succeed in the crypto world.

Today we welcome Paul to the show to discuss this book and we’ll share how you can win one of ten copies he is giving away!

It’s not the X-Factor. It’s the crypto factor. That’s like X but with a bunch more letters.
Welcome to episode #246 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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FEATURE: Paul Democritou

Paul Democritou is an entrepreneur, sales expert, author.

He provides online and offline training to companies and individuals as well as consulting to startups and ICO’s.

In 2016, Paul was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma – cancer. He wrote the book SUCCESS I.A.O that was born as a result of vision and passion to help others succeed even in harsh conditions, as well as The Closers Part 3 with living legend Ben Gay III, and How to sell a pen – Really!

His latest book is called The Crypto Factor with Blaise Mathai and Foreword by Joel Comm, which interviews leaders and insiders in the Blockchain space on what it really takes to succeed in the cryptosphere.

Paul maintains a YouTube channel aimed at helping people succeed in life business, learn the science of sales, as well as feature interviews with successful people in and out of the blockchain around the world.


John McAfee in Exile – Bad News for 1/24/19

John McAfee in Exile – Bad News for 1/24/19

We hope John McAfee lives forever because watching his story play out is so dang entertaining. And now, the US government is charging him with using cryptocurrencies for criminal acts. He’s got a lot to say about it as he is in exile.

Bitcoin continues to hover around the $3500 mark and some miners are going out of business. But you can buy Bitcoin at more and more grocery stores.

How is the US Government shutdown affecting crypto progress? Is it true that we’ll be at SXSW 2019 for the Bad Crypto Hard Fork? And did you remember to brush and floss today?

We’re not just a podcast with blockchain information. We’re also concerned about your dental hygiene. Open wide and say aaaahhh…. It’s the Bad News episode #231 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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2019 Crypto Predictions – The Experts Weigh In

2019 Crypto Predictions – The Experts Weigh In

Bad Crypto Podcast Episode 224

Happy New Year! It’s 2019 and we are one year closer to the next halvening. What will this year bring for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts? Will we see a bull run or will the markets continue to languish? Will there be new crypto-friendly legislation? Which giants of tech will make big blockchain moves? And is John McAfee beginning to think about which condiments he’ll be needing for a scary feast.

We at the Republic of Bad Cryptopia don’t have a crystal ball, but we’ve asked a number of blockchain people to weigh in on their predictions for the coming year.

Prognosticate along with us as we masticate on what could be in 2019…


Intro to Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency

Intro to Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrency

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Bad Crypto Podcast Episode 210


In this podcast, Joel and Travis get back to basics with a crash masterclass in Crypto for dummies—although as Joel puts it, they’re the dummies and crypto is their master.

Travis kicks things off by explaining how he first became interested in cryptocurrencies. “I wrote a book called Digital Sense, which is all about social business, marketing, technology, and that customer experience, and the last chapter of the book was all about emerging technologies. Emerging technologies brought me to the blockchain.”

In 2016, he and Joel were talking politics. The conversation moved on to the election, and Travis, still interested in the blockchain, noted that blockchain technology could have helped to secure America’s democracy. “If we voted on the blockchain the votes would be transparent,” he said. “The database would not be editable and the votes could be verified that they were yours. That would really impact the integrity of the elections.”

That was the conversation that sparked more than 200 podcasts covering every aspect of the blockchain world. (more…)

World Crypto Con Knocked It Out of the Park!

World Crypto Con Knocked It Out of the Park!

This was more of an experience than a crypto conference

Guest blog post from Bad Crypto Podcast listener, Sara Dube


Although I have a fair understanding of blockchain and the exciting possibility it brings, I expected a boring technical conference with most of the content flying right over my head. Not so! WCC brought together some of the most innovative minds in the blockchain space, while really focusing on the heart and humanity of the collective mission, to make the world a better place.