Building the Future of Enterprise Blockchains with Anton Mozgovoy & Helios Protocol

Building the Future of Enterprise Blockchains with Anton Mozgovoy & Helios Protocol

The Blockchain world is moving super fast. Companies like Amazon, IBM and Oracle are introducing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. But how “enterprise-ready” is blockchain technology actually? And how will new blockchain tech change the face of the big names and players?

Today we’ve got a double-header for you. First we’ll introduce you to Anton Mozgovoy of Jthereum to discuss the future of enterprise blockchain. Then we’ll bring you Tommy Mckinnon and Mark Laporte of Helios Protocol. They claim to have built a DApp platform that has sub-second transaction latency and 10,000 times lower fees then their competion. Impressive, right?

But don’t worry. We’re not going to go over your heads. If we can understand it, you can understand it. So we’re excited to share these stories with you as we bring you episode #368 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY: Upland Upland is a location-based property trading game paired with a decentralized economy. Players buy, sell, trade and develop virtual properties that are based on real-world addresses. Blockchain technology ensures true ownership for the players. Uplanders collect in-game currency called UPX as a reward for their ownership and for completing missions in the game (collections, treasure hunts,...). UPX can be used to purchase more properties, to develop land and to pay for digital goods and services other Uplanders will create and provide. The objective is to establish an open economy where various stakeholders interact/transact with each other directly, i.e. without intermediaries. Check them out:

FEATURE: Anton Mozgovoy

Anton worked at BMO Financial Group. In 2015 founded Finlyt – a company working on algorithmic installment and revolving credits. In 2016 Finlyt made a successful exit. In 2017 Anton became CTO of Humaniq – a fintech company working on blockchain solution creating a financial marketplace for emerging markets. Humaniq has been selected as a top pick in blockchain in 2018 by TechCrunch. It has also been selected as a top use case by the UK Parliament in APPG. Anton and his team launched the first hybrid blockchain in production. In 2018 Anton was invited to serve as a mentor in FasterCapital responsible for tracking and mentoring startups in fintech, blockchain and crypto spaces. Anton is currently scaling Jthereum as a Head of Product. Jthereum provides blockchain enterprise solutions.

Feature: Helios Protocol

We chatted with Tommy Mckinnon, CEO & Mark Laporte, CMO of Helios Protocol.

An infinitely scalable DApp and decentralized web-hosting platform based
on DAG + blockchains. Helios Protocol is designed from the ground up to
be future-proof with secure, high speed, and low fee transactions, and
to enable truly decentralized and democratic applications. One platform
capable of hosting you DApp and website user interface at the click of a
button enabling end-to-end decentralized applications to power the next
generation of the web.







Blockchain Gaming Goes Mainstreet with Upland

Blockchain Gaming Goes Mainstreet with Upland

Many people think mainstream crypto adoption will take place when a major merchant starts accepting Bitcoin. Others think it will happen when banks speak the language of crypto. But it’s possible that blockchain gaming could be the catalyst to bring about massive awareness.

Today we welcome two co-founders from a blockchain gaming startup to the show to discuss their project, Upland. A monopoly-like game dealing with real-world properties, Upland has a headstart in the space and a mobile game with a great deal of stickiness.

What do San Francisco, tokens and llamas have to do with one another? Stick around for the full story, along with free tokens to get you started ingame.

Oh, and remember the Bitcoin price bet that Ronnie Moas made with Vinny Lingham at World Crypto Con 2018? Yeah.. that bet. And remember John McAfee’s $1,000,000 Bitcoin wager? Yeah, that wager. We’ll discuss both of these as well on episode #355 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Miles B. Chain

Feature: Upland

Dirk Lueth, Co-founder of Uplandme, Inc.

Dirk is a serial entrepreneur and an early adopter of blockchain and related technologies, based in Silicon Valley. He co-founded European and US-based companies in the FinTech and digital media spaces, including the Financial Times Deutschland and Forbatec which has been acquired by SunGard (today NYSE:FIS). Dirk mentored over 30 startups through his work at the German and Swiss startup accelerators in Silicon Valley and is a frequent speaker/panelist about blockchain and platform economics. He has studied Business Administration in Frankfurt and Paris and received a Ph.D. from the European Business School in Germany where he wrote his doctoral thesis about private and state-controlled currencies.



Idan Zuckerman, Co-founder of Uplandme, Inc.

Idan Zuckerman is an entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley with vast experience heading product and engineering organizations. Idan started his career in a special tech unit in the IDF (Israel Defense Force) where he led developer and IT teams. Shifting to Consumer Internet, Idan served as the VP of Engineering for Israel’s largest sports-news website, prior to joining the founding team of RocketPlay –  a leading mobile gaming company acquired by AGS (NYSE: AGS). Idan served as VP of Interactive Product at AGS for 3 additional years.


Check it out at:

Watch Joel’s Upland overview video


Southpark Meets Bitcoin

Southpark Meets Bitcoin

What do Southpark, Bitcoin and vegetables have in common? They all play a role in this episode. In fact, if you are a fan of Bitcoin, Adult Swim or Broccoli, you’ll find something for everyone today.

We’re pleased to welcome Rob Allen, aka Broccoli Rob to the show to discuss his new animated feature, Bitcoin and Friends.

And then Algorand will be in the spotlight to discuss building a better blockchain.

It’s all fun and games until Leticia Lettuce shows up, so remember to eat your veggies and clean your plate as we fire up episode #292 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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NASGO is the GoDaddy of Blockchain. You can tokenize your business today, no coding required!

They’ve developed the easiest solution for businesses to transition into the blockchain frontier. Our easy to use NASGO Wallet provides all the tools you need to advance your business without breaking the bank!

NASGO provides the essential foundation to sidechain with all kinds of APIs, such as database writing, network communication or encryption. Meanwhile, sidechain supplies more nodes to strengthen the whole NASGO system. As featured on

Feature: Bitcoin and Friends

Rob Allen is a lifelong entrepreneur and autodidact. He has worked in fields ranging from music production to finance before producing “Bitcoin and Friends.”


Feature: Algorand

Algorand, a Boston-based blockchain company, just raised over $60 million in a token sale held on CoinList. When combined with the Algorand Foundation’s token distribution fund of 2.5 billion Algos it would have a market cap of $6 billion, putting it at seventh above Binance Coin and below EOS.

Founded in 2017 by Turing Award and Gödel Prize-winner Silvio Micali, Algorand was designed to improve blockchain decentralization. The platform utilizes the Byzantine Agreement protocol in order to reach consensus among network participants. Similar to a proof-of-stake protocol, Algorand’s consensus mechanism allows minimal computation in order to qualify as an honest block producer.


Crypto Spotlight 058: Drife, Eventchain

Crypto Spotlight 058: Drife, Eventchain

Imagine this. You’re ready for a big night out to go see a show. But you need tickets for the event and a way to get to your destination.
Well hold up. Before you call for that Uber, consider there might be a better blockchain-based solution in the works. And before you pay a scalper an overpriced amount for your ticket, be aware that blockchain has already provided a better solution.
Today, we’ll speak with the founders of Drife and Eventchain to explore how their projects are going to make your night on the town even better.
We’ll also reveal where we’ll be appearing next at a live event.
It’s like a night on the town, only in your ears. Welcome to this sponsored crypto spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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DRIFE is a decentralized ride-hailing platform powered by blockchain with the intent of empowering value creators within our ecosystem – these include the drivers, commuters, and community developers. DRIFE plans to disrupt the existing business model and remove the corporate intermediaries involved in the transactions. Our ride-hailing platform has created a new paradigm for the ride-hailing industry. We are the first platform in this niche to express the full features of the decentralized ride-hailing economy. With the power of the Blockchain technology, the DRIFE platform strives to bring a new paradigm to the ride-hailing platform and solve the horde of issues that have emerged from the current model of centralized business. The growth of the platform not only contributes to the objective of DRIFE but also enhance the overall value provided to all the stakeholders concerned like driver’s income, commuters fare, cybersecurity and transparent governance.



EventChain is leading a new era of blockchain applications taking
aim at the many pitfalls of today’s live event ticketing industry.

EventChain’s goal is to protect event goers from counterfeit ticketing
fraud, predatory secondary market practices and excessive secondary
market prices, among other issues. Embracing blockchain technology,
including smart contracts, allows event organizers to easily create,
distribute, manage and track the sale of SmartTickets for events of any
size around the world. EventChain is the only ticketing solution
enabling the acceptance of cryptocurrency as well as fiat payments for
tickets while securing tickets using blockchain technology.

Listen to the original episode with EventChain on Bad Crypto:


Crypto Spotlight: Loyakk & Rivetz

Crypto Spotlight: Loyakk & Rivetz

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, zes and zirs, humans and aliens, regardless of what you are, your life is going to be impacted by blockchain technology. The goal is for you to not even realize that the tech is helping you, just like swiping a credit card. But regardless, it takes companies building out this technology that will one day be completely transparent to end users.

Today we bring you companies like this, speak to them about what they hope to accomplish and toss in a smattering of dad jokes and silliness. It’s what you expect from us and we like to deliver. Welcome to our sponsored crypto spotlight edition of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Loyakk has built the world’s 1st tokenized data container to secure business interactions and transactions – enable enterprises to collaborate & share data with partners – improved security, efficiency & governance. With Loyakk, businesses can now combine blockchain with relationship management capabilities to address critical challenges they face in b2b engagement, including data / IP theft, data reconciliation, contract execution and disputes, while ensuring compliance to business rules across the network. This leads to significantly reduced operational friction costs and revenue leaks, while accelerating business revenues.
Enterprises today lose billions of dollars working with partners within their business networks with multiple problems including Data Breach /IP theft, data reconciliation issues, bloated processes and contract disputes, etc. Loyakk solve these problems and helps enterprises save significant costs and accelerate revenues.



Steven Sprague is the CEO of Rivetz Corp. and one of the principle industry evangelists for the application of trusted computing technology. Steven has a strong technical foundation in the principles, capabilities and business models of incorporating trusted hardware into everyday computing, and is skilled at translating these concepts into layman’s terms. Steven is the co-founder of Rivetz Corp. a company focused on the use of trusted computing and Trusted Execution TEE to enhance the quality and security of the relationship with the user and their device. Rivetz provides app developers services and tools to enable simple integration of embedded cyber security capabilities of modern devices. Rivetz is playing an important role in providing the key technologies for the protection of private keys, encryption and secure instructions for blockchain, identity, messages, IoT and crypto currencies. Steven graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.