Creating a Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem with 99Starz

Creating a Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem with 99Starz

Creating a Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem with 99Starz

If we’ve said once we’ve said it at least a couple dozen times… 2022 will be the year of Play-2-Earn. And with the gaming nft ecosystem getting ready to explode, some businesses are building the rails to bring it all together.  99Starz seeks to create an entire blockchain gaming ecosystem that is prepared for the millions of players and properties that will be joining the space.  In episode 573, we welcome Matt Zahab to the show to discuss what the future holds for us all. 

Whether you like to play with the Axies or crush the candies, this show will demonstrate how you to turn play-2-win into play-2-earn. LFG for episode #573 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Matt is a tenacious growth marketer with experience in sales, marketing and corporate banking. He helped grow a start-up to $30mm+ in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR), which just got acquired for $50mm. Present-day, he’s the CMO + Podcast Host at and the CMO of 99Starz, a P2E yield ecosystem. 

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Incredible podcast! by [email protected]  on November 23, 2021

Each episode is extremely insightful, truly breaks down concepts and current trends in crypto and technology for listeners of all levels of interest and expertise in the field. Highly recommend!

Great show! by malfoxley  on November 29, 2021

Joel and Travis, hosts of the podcast, highlight all aspects of blockchain, ethereum and more in this can’t miss podcast! The hosts and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Love it! by Badgerhobbes  on December 1, 2021

I reckon I’ve listened to at least 3/4 of these episodes. I listen to it whilst I’m packing medicinal mushrooms. You guys are brilliant. Keep it up! Let me know if you want me to send you some mushroom extracts. I have super potent shrooms. Lions mane Reishi Chaga turkey tail Cordyceps Tremella. All the good stuff. All totally legal of course. Thanks for Gala at 1c Thanks for PYR at $4.8 Thanks for SAND at 28c Thanks for WAXP at 9c Thanks for Dexa and Blok I’m guessing they will go thru the roof next. Stay bad Corn.



Whales Bite As Bitcoin Sinks in This Week’s Crypto News

Whales Bite As Bitcoin Sinks in This Week’s Crypto News

Whales Bite As Bitcoin Sinks in This Week’s Crypto News

We start this week with a request. The Bad Crypto Podcast has been nominated in the Noonies for Cryptocurrency Podcast of the Year. If we’ve entertained you, informed you or just made you go “hmm, I did not know that” this year, please throw a vote or three in our direction.  We would be very grateful.

It’s been an odd week in the world of cryptocurrency. As inflation reaches heights not seen for 30 years and Argentines pay a 10 percent premium for crypto dollars, Bitcoin is down over 7 percent on the week, though still just above $60,000. Despite the pullback, some people think that the coin will hit $90,000 in the “coming weeks.” They include investment strategist Raoul Pal. He sees a rise of up to 300 percent before the year’s end.

One big investor certainly hopes so. Bitcoin’s third-largest whale just soaked up $99 million worth of the coin. The purchase was made as Bitcoin dipped below $60,000 so the buyer is already in the black. One possible reason for the whale’s optimism? The launch of Taproot, an upgrade that allows developers to integrate new features to improve privacy, scalability, and security.

Improved security comes a bit late for the creditors of Mt. Gox. But the rehabilitation plan to compensate them is now “final and binding.” Victims of the crypto Ponzi scheme BitConnect will also receive compensation. The U.S. Justice Department is planning to sell $56 million worth of cryptocurrency seized from Glenn Arcaro, the scam’s chief promoter.

Other parts of the government are also playing with the crypto world. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is trying to repeal the cryptocurrency provisions in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Bitcoin evangelist Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) are introducing a similar bill.

New York’s Mayor-elect Eric Adams has promised to put the city at the center of the cryptocurrency industry. Israel is applying anti-terror banking rules to cryptocurrencies. And LA’s Staples Center will soon be renamed the Arena.

Twitter is hiring a new crypto boss but they might want to think about offering the post to Snoop Dogg. The rapper is selling an NFT of a private party pass. Other celebs are in NFT trouble, Miramax is suing Quentin Tarantino over his Pulp Fiction NFTs.

In better news, Ethereum Wallet MetaMask has passed 21 million users, an increase of 420 percent since April. That kind of leap makes SAND look sad. The token is “only” up 37 percent as The Sandbox opens its metaverse.

Expect Argentines to look for a way to move in.

Listen to the full podcast:

Sports Stadiums Go Crypto – Bad News For Nov 17th

Sports Stadiums Go Crypto – Bad News For Nov 17th

Sports Stadiums Go Crypto – Bad News For Nov 17th

Crypto moves further towards the mainstream as another major arena has been bought out for the next 20 years. A whale signals upwards move for Bitcoin as he buys $99 million more. Many think the massive run is getting closer as we approach the holidays. So much stuff is happening we just can’t. But we will because we want to. Obviously, you want to as well. Gluttons for punishment, I suppose.  

So grab some more beans and sit by the fire, no matter what Mr. Taggart says, cause this is our bad news episode #567 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 

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Perfect by derpy derpus  on November 11, 2021

Keep it up guys. Lovvveeee the show. Stay bad. Cheers.

The best podcast! by Mariann!!  on November 3, 2021

Excellent podcast with incredible concepts and interviews. Extremely valuable content!



Bitcoin is Still in “Good Shape”

Bitcoin is Still in “Good Shape”

It’s been a difficult week for Bitcoin which ends down more than 8 percent at just under $44,000. Mike Novogratz isn’t too bothered though. As long as the price stays above $40,000, the Galaxy Digital CEO thinks Bitcoin is in “good shape.”

Nayib Bukele agrees. The President of El Salvador, the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin as a currency, tweeted that he bought the dip. El Salvador bought 150 new coins, bringing its holding to 700 coins. El Salvador bought at $45,500. At current prices, the purchase puts El Salvadoran taxpayers just over a quarter of a million dollars in the red.

President Bukele will be hoping that those figures improve soon. The New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has already produced some good figures. The group has published a report into Bitcoin’s carbon footprint. The report predicts that even if Bitcoin reaches $10 trillion by 2030, its emissions would still amount to only 0.9 percent of the world’s total, and its energy outlay would be just 0.4 percent.

Not all the number have been good this week though. Hackers made off with almost $12 million in Bitcoin from DeFi platform pNetwork. But the US is on the case. It’s making life harder for cryptohackers. The US Treasury has sanctioned Russian cryptocurrency exchange Suex for allegedly helping ransomware attackers to move more than $160 million of Bitcoin. No US residents or businesses can now work with the firm.

Suex isn’t the only exchange in trouble. Binance is stopping all crypto futures and options in Australia. Users in the country have 90 days to close their positions. In Miami, though, the city is taking on a position. The city’s commissioners have voted to accept funds generated by MiamiCoin, a new cryptocurrency from CityCoins. Mayor Francis Suarez has said that the coin has already given the city $5 million over 30 days.

Another coin doing well is Adventure Gold, part of the open-source Loot Project. The coins will become an in-game currency. An announcement from Coinbase about the currency sent the price from $2.91 to $4.29. And Dogecoin is still having its moment. Adam Aron, CEO of movie theater chain AMC has suggested that the company might accept Dogecoin in addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash for online payments.

While old coins keep going, there’s more talk of the benefits of DeFi for the unbanked, and Compass Mining has launched a new service to let everyone benefit from cryptocurrency mining. It’s offering six different rigs.

And finally, Ron Watkins, a former administrator’s at his father’s 8Chan website and a leading force behind the QAnon movement, is selling NFTs to fund a new “secret project.” The NFTs of tweets from his now-banned stream are intended to raise funds for what Watkins has called “a critical project to help America.” 

Someone clearly doesn’t think everything is in “good shape.”




Bull Run Takes a Breather – Bad News for Sept 8, 2021

Bull Run Takes a Breather – Bad News for Sept 8, 2021

It’s been a difficult week for Bitcoin in what should have been its finest hour. The coin ends around $46,000, down more than 5 percent at the end of the week in which it became legal tender in El Salvador. At one point, it was down more than 10 percent, falling below $43,000. Let’s hope things go a little more smoothly in Panama. A congressman there is introducing a bill to make cryptocurrencies legal tender, including for paying taxes.

Rama Subramaniam Gandhi, a former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, would like to see his country show greater acceptance of cryptocurrencies. If they can’t be used for payment, he told the Hodl 2021 virtual conference, they should be treated as another asset class.

Or perhaps its model could be used to improve privacy on social media. That’s the plan of Bastyon messenger, a blockchain-based social media platform.

In the meantime, Swiss B2B bank InCore has launched a tokenization tool that uses Tezos, and Afterpay, a credit firm, has told the Australian Senate that crypto payments could help merchants reduce their costs. It’s no wonder that a survey has found that a quarter of US teens would buy cryptocurrencies if someone gave them money to invest.

And if they’d put that money in SOL, they would have done very well. Now that Solana is integrated into FTX’s new NFT marketplace, the price has reached $200, a rise of more than 450 percent. Or they could try to win up $150,000 in prizes in Animoca Brands and Yield Guild Games REVV Racing YGG Cup. It sounds more exciting than hodling.

Solana isn’t the only one joining the NFT world though. The NFL Players Association is partnering with Upland to sell NFTs of more than 2,000 players. The league itself is less happy. The NFL is reported to have advised teams that they cannot sell NFTs or sponsorships to digital currency companies.

That move would cut them out of some precious loot, including Loot. The NFT role-playing game has seen sales of gear approaching a million dollars each. Bloot, a raunchier and ruder spin-off, has generated $27 million of sales volume.

It’s not all good news, though. The Satoshi, a cruise ship that crypto enthusiasts had hoped to turn into a libertarian seastead off the coast of Panama, is no more. The project failed, sunk by regulations and the massive ongoing costs of running a cruise ship. Let’s hope that Bitcoin does better in El Salvador.

Hear the latest Bad News Episode here.