The Crypto Shit Show

Are the markets as bad as they look? Yeppp. They’re that bad. First we got LUNA, then we got out-of-control inflation, now a Celsius shit show. The whole thing is a shit show. In fact, today’s conversation between myself and Sir Lord Travis Wright is probably going to be nothing more than a shit show. As you join us from my terrace in Puerto Rico as we talk all things that are currently happening in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, it is our “This is Fine” Episode #615 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 


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The following show notes were compiled according to the approximate timestamp with relevant articles and Tweets included as references.

3:00 – State of the crypto world as of 8 PM ET on Monday, Jun 13, 2022

4:10 – Joel finally admits its a bear market; not financial advice

6:10 –  Travis offers comic relief with a hilarious description of hyper-inflation 

7:30 – Joel tries to regain control of the conversation; “thank you” to listeners for joining Joel and Travis on their edutainment journey over the years

10:15 – Brad Mills discussion around LUNA and Celsius gave us pause. For the full interview, check out Episode #608, Tweet:

12:00 – Celsius suspends withdrawals from the platform, company memo. Celsius Tweet:

16:03 – 2020: The Year of DeFi; now, SEC regulations coming

20:33 – This feels like 1999-2000 with the tech stock bubble and the Internet craze

CoinTelegraph: BTC price crashes to $20.8k as deadly candles liquidate $1.2 billion

23:00 – Eyes are turning to crypto; we are in the early adopter phase. Anthony Hopkins has an ETH address on Twitter?!

24:30 – ETH and NFTs; NFT market status and the impacts on future NFT prices for funding companies and projects

Ethereum crashed by 94% in 2018 – Will history repeat with ETH price bottoming at $375?

26:50 – Calling the bottom for $BTC is near impossible in a falling global economy with inflation woes

28:45 – Employment woes in technology with rescinded job offers; Travis shares his personal story from 2008. 

CoinDesk: Coinbase will layoff around 1100 employees

30:05 – For some, life savings lost in NFTs. 

CoinTelegraph: Floor price of popular NFT collections collapse due to bear market

31:55 –  NFT.NYC attendance, launching an NFT project, meet-up with our listeners during NFT.NYC

33:15 – Which of the technology companies survived the tech bubble? Which coins will survive crypto bear markets or a crypto winter? 

35:00 – We are so early in all of this, despite the hype and pumps around flipping NFTs to earn money. NFT supply is greater than demand.

36:00 – It is just money. There are people out there despairing because of what they have lost financially – at least on paper. This is a crazy time; people are fearful about the state of the world. 

37:30 – The world is in turmoil… Listen to Episode #580, why we moved to PR. 

45:37 – Fake news. Disclaimer. DYOR. Stay Bad.