Stablecoin LUNAcy with Brad Mills 

The crypto world is notorious for its risk and its unpredictability. This past week has seen both of these features surface in a big way as the Terra ecosystem has collapsed upon itself losing investors billions of dollars. What happened and what can we learn from it?

In this episode, we welcome podcaster and author Brad Mills to the show to discuss in detail the warning signs and the end result of this digital ponzi scheme.  Brad called it accurately back in January and he has a lot to say about Bitcoin, DeFi, Jpegs, centralized exchanges and more. In fact, if we didn’t end the interview, he’d still be talking. But it’s all worth listening to and you don’t want to miss a moment. 

It’s an extra-large, family-size “you might be a LUNAtic” episode #608 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.



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Brad Mills is a life-long entrepreneur, with a focus on product development & marketing. Involved with bitcoin since 2011 as a miner, entrepreneur & investor, Brad is a Value Maximalist at his core.

Tune into the Magic Internet Money Podcast to deepen your insight into Bitcoin. Brad interviews game-changers in the industry and brings forth their stories for you to learn about the deep roots of Bitcoin’s Philosophy.

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