Is the Next Big Thing?

A year ago you may have gotten away with laughing at NFTs as silly little profile pictures of cartoon apes and penguins. But if you are still laughing, it’s probably because you are laughing all the way to the bank. NFTs are still in the early adopter phase, but some companies are pushing towards mainstream adoption by bringing practical services to the masses.  In this episode of this special sponsored crypto spotlight episode, we introduce you to With this service, NFT owners and industry enthusiasts will be able to have their own NFT gallery via a personal profile, that is in itself an NFT. 

Sound interesting?  We’re fascinated by it, so much so that this is a dual release on both Bad Crypto AND The Nifty Show. Regardless of where you are listening, we welcome you to the future and ask if is the next big thing on episode #604 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 



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Genesis Keys allow you to mint two profiles and gain access to an exclusive community.

Genesis Keys are animated digital NFT keys on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Genesis Key-holder will have the ability to mint 2 Profiles ( and also be a founding member of the community.

The first 20,000 profiles can only be minted by Genesis Key-holders. profiles are personalized NFT galleries that form the foundation for a decentralized web3 social network. Unlike web2, Personal Profiles will themselves be web3 NFTs. This means you can create and build a profile such as or