Democratizing Talent with Bondex

Have you ever tried looking for someone to do Web3 associated work? It’s hard to find talent, and it’s even harder to find talent at a price that fits your budget.  This new Web 3 world is RIPE with opportunities for those who want to build a career. 

Bondex is attempting to solve the problem of decentralized hiring by turning everyone into a recruiter. By gamifying the process, they make it more interesting for those seeking jobs AND those referring friends to the platform.

In episode 603, we’ll welcome the CEO of Bondex to the show to discuss the future of hiring. Having a hard time getting a job with that Art history degree that cost you a couple hundred large? Maybe it’s time you “learn to code” on episode #603 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 



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Ignacio Palomera, Bondex App

Ignacio is the CEO of Bondex, focusing on the company’s strategy, operations, and execution. Previously he was the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Xpert Network, an AI recruitment company, and part of the Teknavo Group. He was also the COO of Texit industries, a media & entertainment private equity focusing on film financing. Ignacio is a seasoned strategic leader with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Talent as a Service, Investment Banking, and Finance. Ignacio began his career in M&A advisory at HSBC in London. He is passionate about creating new business models and challenging the status quo, loves exercising, and is obsessed with cinema. He has a BA in finance and international business from the University of Georgia where he held the Hope Scholarship.


  • Bondex is the leading Web 3 professional network, our mission is to create a truly efficient talent marketplace, decentralizing hiring by turning everyone into a recruiter
  • Our solution is based on three principles: Gamification, Tokenization, Education, Bounty Referrals, Staking Mechanisms 
  • >750k users since launch in August 2021 with no marketing spend (140k DAUs)
  • 12 Partners signed up to be the first clients for our Web 3 Job portal (Solana, BLockFi, ANKR, Kyber Network, Clover Finance, Recur, Mean DAO, Ethernity, FortunaFi)