NFTs Are a Scam with Jimmy Song

‘Member all that stuff we’ve been telling you about NFTs for the past five years?  Well, it’s all a scam. That is, according to our buddy Jimmy Song.  A friend of the show a Bitcoin maximalist to the core, Jimmy has some harsh words for NFTs and every token that isn’t Bitcoin.  It’s great to visit with him once more and get his hot takes on the state of the crypto world… and believe me, they are VERY hot takes.

If there was ever a Bad Crypto episode of “Hot Ones” this is it… without the wings. It’s about to get super spicy in here, so you might want to bring a gallon of milk for this NFTs are trash episode #601 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.



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Jimmy Song – Prominent Bitcoin Developer and Author. Advisor at Unchain Capital

Jimmy Song is a Bitcoin developer, educator, and entrepreneur. He’s an open-source contributor to many different Bitcoin projects and is the author of Programming Bitcoin from O’Reilly, The Little Bitcoin Book, and Thank God for Bitcoin. Jimmy writes a weekly newsletter, Bitcoin Tech Talk, and has a podcast Bitcoin Fixes This.

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