The Incredible, Amazing Episode 600

It is with great fanfare and a smattering of pomp and circumstance that we welcome you to our 600th episode of this podcast. We’ve got a handful of voicemails from listeners, some big news around a $600 million dollar heist, and some thoughts on the future of where we are going in the Republic of Bad Cryptopia.  To quote Travis, “shit sure has changed in the last five years.”.  Let’s talk about those changes and what comes next on episode #600 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.



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Voicemail 1: Ryan from Chicago

Voicemail 2: Tommy from Houston


Sup guys,

Love the show, it’s not only educational but also entertaining even though Travis is a conspiracy overlord. I’m from the UK and have been listening for about 6 months now and wish I’d been listening sooner. I’ve learnt so much. 

I was wondering what your top 3 tips are for finding great NFT projects to mint before all the hype reaches them. 

Congrats on 600 eps. 


Voicemail 3: 600 Episodes!


Coming up – Jimmy Song  & Helium Nick