The Future of Marketing and Web 3.0

The world is rapidly changing and Web3 plays a huge part in the future that is to come. With Blockchain and cryptocurrency making their way into the mainstream dialogue, adoption is on its way. And with that comes the proliferation of NFTs, Play-2-earn, decentralized social media, and the metaverse

Recently, Joel gave the closing keynote at the annual Social Media Marketing World event in San Diego. Speaking to an audience that wasn’t savvy on these new technologies provided an exciting opportunity to provide them with an advantage in their businesses.

In episode 599, we’ll share that advantage with you as we have the entire audio of this keynote to share. Travis wasn’t at the event, but he’s here with me today to add his thoughts as well on this mostly Joel and a little bit of Travis episode of The Bad Crypto Podcast. 

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Joel Comm keynote at Social Media Marketing World 2022