A Heart to Heart with Richard Heart

Here at the Republic of Bad Cryptopia, we have interviewed hundreds of people from the crypto world. There are just so many different opinions and takes on the space and we like to cover it all. It’s kind of like we’re the Baskin Robbins of Blockchain. 

Some guests could be considered vanilla, like Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, giving the party line communications that one would expect. Others might be considered mint chocolate chip, like our recent talk with Tom Bilyeu… a delightful flavor that everyone enjoys.  Well, today’s guest is highly controversial and really a matter of taste. If Richard Heart, the creator of Hex, Pulsechain and PulseX could be a flavor, I guess it would be butter pecan pumpkin spice rocky road triple strawberry mud pie. That’s because you may gravitate to whichever of these flavors stand out the most.

He’s one of the most in-demand guests for the show and we believe that the content you are about to hear will deliver far more than just two scoops. Join us for a real heart-to-heart with Richard Heart on episode #582 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.



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Richard Heart is a Bitcoin, Blockchain, cryptocurrency and internet marketing expert who has founded and managed several successful Internet startups, the largest having 150 employees with a turnover of $60M and operating in mortgage and consumer finance markets. He is a search engine optimization, affiliate marketing and startup veteran and has appeared on numerous international broadcasts including Russia Today (RT) television and CNBC (Africa) speaking about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrency issues. He has a successful YouTube channel focused on self-help and cryptocurrencies links below.