Giving Away Bitcoin with Jeff Garzik

Every now and then someone tells us that we are OGs of crypto. We have to remind them that while we have been in the space for four years, we’re relatively green compared to the real OGs. Take, for example, Jeff Garzik. 

One of the earliest contributors to Bitcoin, Jeff once gave away over 15,000 Bitcoin for developer bounties. And while he isn’t handing out Bitcoin today, he is dropping stories and knowledge for the past, present and future of the daddy of all cryptocurrencies. 

Jeff joins us today for an interesting and entertaining walk down memory lane, and we’ve got a free NFT giveaway for listeners to commemorate this episode.

Yeah, we know the title of this episode is linkbaity. It’s our show and we’ll bait if we want to! And now that you’re here, we think you’ll be glad that you stuck around for episode #515 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Jeff Garzik, Co-founder, Vesper; Co-founder & CEO Bloq

Jeff has long been at the center of developing and commercializing open source software related to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. As the co-founder and CEO of Bloq, he has led the design and development of the company’s blockchain infrastructure and DeFi projects. Bloq’s most recent project Vesper — an easy-to-use DeFi yield aggregator — achieved more than $1 billion in assets deposited just six weeks after its February launch.

Before co-founding Bloq, Jeff spent five years as a Bitcoin core developer and ten years at Red Hat. His work with the Linux kernel is now found in every Android phone and data center running Linux today. Jeff serves on the advisory boards of BitPay, BitFury, Netki and WayPaver Labs.

Among the earliest contributors to Bitcoin, the 15,678 BTC Jeff gave away in developer bounties is today worth more than $845 million. (Mar. 26, 2021)


Fun Facts about Jeff: 

  • He’s worked closely with both Linus Torvalds (the creator of the Linux project) and Satoshi Nakamoto.
  • In Bitcoin’s early days, he gave away 15,678 BTC in developer bounties. Worth about $925M today. (No, he has absolutely zero regrets.) 
  • Chances are good that, if you’ve interacted with a Linux-powered or Android-powered device, you’ve interacted with code he has written. 
  • His current project is Vesper, which makes participating in DeFi as easy as picking a fund in a 401k. In just six weeks after the end of the beta period, it now handles $1.6 billion in crypto users’ assets. #1 asset on DeFi Pulse and around #11 DeFi project overall.