Not all heroes wear capes, but some crypto traders wear masks. And it’s not because they don’t want anyone to know who they are. Well, maybe it is partly that. But today’s guest has a special reason for wearing a mask over part of his face as he shares his trading strategies. He goes by the name “Crypto Face” and he’s a popular cryptocurrency Youtuber and trader, and is the co-creator of the Market Cipher indicator and the Cynthia trading bot. We’re going to discuss how he successfully trades cryptos and we’ll direct you to a video we shot with Mr. Face that reveals his system. Travis can hide his poker face, but he can’t hide his crypto face. And today you’ll discover who holds the cards in episode #341 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Feature: Crypto Face

Crypto Face is a popular cryptocurrency Youtuber and trader, and is the co-creator of the Market Cipher indicator and the Cynthia trading bot. Crypto Face began his channel during the bear market of 2017 and, since then, has amassed over 20k subscribers while fostering a Discord server with over 6,000 paid members who follow his live trades and use his Market Cipher indicator. He has appeared on many notable crypto shows such as Ivan on Tech, Crypto Crow, Tone Vays, MM Crypto, BlockTV, Crypto Zombie, and more. The mask has been a symbol of his channel, which he claims stands for anonymity, protecting the identities of loved ones, and having a results-first mindset in this marketplace of ideas. Whether you love him or hate him, he has provided consistent content year-round regardless of market sentiment. His passion has ignited thousands of believers in cryptocurrencies as well as many investors who have paid to gain access to his popular signals and trading tools.  


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