Imagine believing in Bitcoin so much that you sold everything you had and pledged to live the truly decentralized life. That describes Didi Taihuttu perfectly.

Sell the house! Sell the car! Sell the kids! Wait, don’t sell the kids!

Today, we’ll speak with Didi about what motivated him to sell all the things and live the bitcoin life.

We’ll also hit you up with a BADcoin update, and maybe we’ll burst into song. You never can tell.

You don’t have to sell everything to listen to this show. In fact, all you have to do is listen. We’re glad you are here for episode #265 of The Bad Crypto Podcast.

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Feature: Didi Taihuttu

After 15 years experience of running IT companies and starting mining bitcoin in 2013 I decided to change life. The tragedy of losing my mother when she was 48 and my father at 60 years old in 2016 made me realise that life can go very fast. Even with all the money we had I couldn’t buy more time, so as a family we decided to start enjoying each other and life to the fullest now. We sold everything we had and invested it in BTC. We live a de-centralized life, solely with crypto,  not owning stuff and using the sharing economy for over 2 years now. Teaching our kids they can be happy in life without all the luxury. We travel the world to educate people in blockchain and bitcoin while we share our profits with charities that accept crypto all over the world.


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This charity accepts crypto as donation.