Are you sad when the crypto markets are down?

Does a little tear come to your eye because you don’t want to look at blockfolio?

Are you fearful that your coins are going to turn to dust?

Brush away those tears and fears, because now there’s a solution for those crypto doldrums.

It’s the new and improved Bad Crypto Podcast!

Available 4 times per week on your favorite podcast player, The Bad Crypto Podcast will turn that frown upside down.

That’s right. The Bad Crypto Podcast slices, dices, purees, boils and fries your sadness and turns it into crypto gladness!

And now for a limited time, you get an imaginary airdrop of one zillion Super Bitcoin Supreme Gold Platinum Titanium Ultra Wowzer tokens from the imaginary Bitcoin fork!

It’s the Bad Crypto Podcast. Episode #144. Now with less banter.

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Episode Feature: Jimmy Song

Jimmy Song – Prominent Bitcoin Developer and Author. Venture Partner at Blockchain Capital LLC.