How the World is Reacting to Cryptocurrency | Bad Crypto Podcast ep. 25

Do you have to pay taxes on your cryptocurrency gains? How are world governments responding to bitcoin and crypto, especially with big news surrounding China’s questionable crypto-future. And we’re pleased to entertain you with a new crypto rap song submitted by one of our listeners. The blockchain blockheads are in the house and we’re about […]

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Cash, Charge, or Crypto? Bad Crypto Podcast Ep. 24

Did you know you can spend your bitcoin on a debit card? It’s true. But what does it matter if the markets are bleeding red? Stay cool, my friends, we’ve got this. In fact, we’re going to a conference in Colorado and will be reporting back on what you need to know. In fact, today […]

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I Got the Musiconomi in Me! 🎶 Bad Crypto Podcast ep. 23

Why are there so many cryptocurrencies? Do we really need more? The banking system is hopping on the blockchain bandwagon. And being music buffs, we’re especially excited to speak with the chief marketing officer of a brand new site call Musiconomi. Turn it up to 11 and kick out the jams, because episode #23 of […]

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Down the Crypto Rabbit Hole! – Bad Crypto Podcast Ep. 22

Joel goes out of town, so Travis chats with Michael O’Neal, a crypto noob and host of the Solopreneur Hour podcast.  In this episode, Travis and Michael go down the rabbit hole to discuss how they got started in crypto, some of their tips, and Michael asks a few questions that anyone new to the […]

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Tokenize Your Stuff with LAToken! Bad Crypto Podcast ep. #21

Why are there only 21 million bitcoin? How is blockchain infiltrating everyday stuff we do? And is it possible to tokenize liquid assets like real estate and art? I mean, is it possible to own a piece of the Mona Lisa? Let’s find out together as we explore the crypto world on episode #21 of […]

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Much Doge. Very Podcast. Wow! | Bad Crypto Podcast ep. 20

Wow! Such dogecoin! Very podcast. Much history. Amaze! What? Crack the code on the web’s friendliest cryptocurrency, the Dogecoin. Who let the doge out? We did, in episode #20 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. Much feels. Excite! WELCOME TO THE DOGECOIN EPISODE! What are Joel and Travis talking about?  Sounds like goo-goo ga-ga baby talk!! […]

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“EtherParty, and I’ll Buy if I Want To!” 🎵 Bad Crypto ep. 19

Dr. Ruth says it’s important to practice safe Crypto,  should you buy high and sell low, and it’s an ether-party all up in the house as we welcome Kevin Hobbs to the show. On your marks, get set… and wait for it… GO! All this and more on episode 19 of The Bad Crypto Podcast. […]

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Altcoins vs. Tokens? | Bad Crypto Podcast ep. 18

Who is Howey and why does he want us to take a test? How WE can get a pc to start mining delicious cryptocurrency. And we’ll explain the difference between an alt-coin and a token… with any help from Howie. There’s also breaking news, breaking records and maybe breaking wind. Close your nose-holes and open […]

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Crypto Cagematch – Travis vs. Joel | Bad Crypto Podcast ep 17

It’s not Halloween, but in some regions of the world, It’s Ghost Month. What does that have to do with crypto? A guy gets stopped by TSA for carrying Bitcoin in his backpack.  And Travis & I each drop $100 on an alt-coin of our choice in a friendly competition.   May the best investor […]

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Wolk Like an Egyptian | Bad Crypto Podcast ep. 016

Joel got a physical bitcoin in the mail, what’s the deal with transaction times, and a special ICO Spotlight visit with Wolk.com. It’s like the Donnie & Marie variety show, but without talent,, and without sparkly white teeth. All of this and more on episode #16 of the Bad Crypto Podcast! WELCOME & OPENING SHOW […]

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